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Piling Vibrators

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BPH are the UK agents for PTC vibrators who manufacture an extensive range of vibrators.

Piling Vibrators

The Piling Vibrator produces vertical vibrations to drive or extract a wide variety of profiles including;

  • Steel sheet piles
  • H and I beams
  • Casings and tubes.

A wide range of clamping heads are available to adapt to all pile profiles and sections including large diameter tubes.

The vibration of the profile causes the adjacent ground to move, reducing the friction between the soil and the profile and allowing the pile to be driven under the combined weight of pile and vibrator or extracted with the aid of a crane.

For information about any of our piling vibrators or to get a quote, please email us or call: 01949 845550

Standard frequency

This flexible range adapts to applications needing to drive large sheets piles and casing of up to and over 100t.


High frequency with variable movement

The advantages of the variable amplitude/moment are:

  • resonance- free start up and shut down;
  • suitable for telescopic boom;
  • amplitude adjustment at any time thanks to a variation of the moment; and
  • easier handling of the profile during driving operations.


Standard frequency with variable movement

The advantages of the variable moment technology adapted to standard frequency vibrators is that the HV range uses smaller power packs and combines the benefits of standard frequency with variable moment.