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School children get a closer look at BPH Equipment's crane

Local school children visit construction site to get a closer look at site and Hitachi CX700

BPH Equipment, while working for its customer Balfour Beatty Regional Civil Engineering (BBRCE) on South West Water's £3 million service reservoir near Newquay in Cornwall, enjoyed the company of local children from Bishops C of E Primary School on the construction site.

A group of 30 schoolchildren and teachers visited Coswarth reservoir which will supply 9,000 homes in Newquay and the surrounding area with drinking water. 

Each child was issued with their own personal protective equipment (PPE) and they kept it on for the rest of the day and even wore it home.

BPH Equipment is supplying a Hitachi CX 700 (70t) to the site which is 62 metres long, 32 metres wide and eight metres deep. When finished the reservoir will hold 13 megalitres (13,000,000 litres) of water, enough to fill five Olympic-sized swimming pools. Back to news