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BPH Equipment supplying Balfour Beatty

BPH Equipment supplied a 50, 90, and a 120 Ton Crawler Crane to Balfour Beatty

The project is to build a new Hydroelectric Station. The new power station will generate electricity using the power of the River Derwent. It will be situated on the River banks and will generate electricity for the newly refurbished council house, also located next to the river.

The hydroelectric plant will generate 230kw/h of energy.

BPH Equipment supplied Balfour Beatty with a 50 ton Crawler crane which has been on hire since October, in between they have also hired a 90 ton Crawler Crane to help assist lift the generators in to place and also a 120 ton Crawler Crane to help assist SPI extract the sheet piles they had installed at the beginning of the project.

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