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BPH Equipment supply Graham Construction

BPH Equipment supply Graham Construction for the worlds largest offshore wind turbine.

Graham construction was awarded the contract to build the world’s largest and most powerful offshore wind turbine, a seven megawatt machine, located 50 meters off the coast at Methil, for Samsung Heavy Industries.

As part of the construction process, piles had to be installed which needed to be drilled 27M into the bedrock to support the wind turbine.

To enable these piles to be constructed 4 no 1503mm and 4 no 3075mm caisson piles, 20M long had to be  installed using a vibrating hammer, through the overburden, to toe into the underlying bedrock to enable a seal to be formed . Once installed drilling works commenced.

When drilling works were completed, the pile was lowered through the Caisson pile, and drilled bedrock, checked for tolerance and then grouted. Once completed the caisson piles were extracted using the vibrator which was used to install them.

BPH were chosen as the supplier of the powerful Vibrator’s required to install the caisson piles through the overburden, and supplied a  PTC 200HD, which was equipped with 8 number casing heads, and a PTC 265HD vibrator for this exercise..

The PTC200HD equipped with 8 clamps, was able to drive and extract both the 1503mm and 3075mm diameter piles, and because of the unique 8 clamp system was able to move from 1503mm to 3075mm without any downtime, which enabled the vibrator to change from one size to the other, without any downtime.

The vibrators worked successfully, and were able to install and extract the caisson piles.

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