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Sandsend Coastal Protection Scheme

BPH Equipment assisted Balfour Beatty on the recent £9.3 million Sandsend Coastal Protection Scheme.

Our brief was to supply a suitable crane to assist in the building of the crane platform and then the crane was used to lift concrete sections and ancillary equipment onto the beach below.

The crane, a 135t Kobelco CKE1350 had to be rigged over two nights on the main A174 Sandsend Road under a road closure. No equipment other than the crane could be left on the road as it had to reopen during the day.

Access could only be gained from Whitby as the road towards Sandsend was not suitable for our transport either accessing or leaving the site.

All deliveries were 'Just In Time' as there was no facility to park vehicles in or around the rigging area with the vehicles having to reverse up to the unloading and rigging area. Rigging took place under floodlight and task lighting conditions.

In total 10 lorries were used to deliver the crane parts and a 100t mobile crane was used to assemble. 

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